Meet the Cast


Avital Ash as Josephine

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Jessie Kahnweiler as Rebecca

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Gabriel Sunday as Saul

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Ellington Wells as Amber

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Christina Kartchner as Margot


Asha Michelle Wilson as



Amir Blumenfeld as Guy

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Joe Cobden as Marty

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Utkarsh Ambudkar as Nate

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CJ Franco as Stella

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Geoffrey James as Rajiv

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Steven Weber as John

Kenny Hillman as Dennis

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Rachel Wolfson as Natalia

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Jessica Richards as Lucy

Rose McIver as Mary

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Galen Swords as Debbie

Stevie Nelson as Rachel

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Lindsey Naves as Izzy

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Giselle Gilbert as Helen

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Andrew and Darcy Gurland as themselves


Rabbi David Kasher

Barrie Sterling as Porn Voice


Tobi Ash as YouTube Chef

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Meet the Crew


Avital Ash


Avital is an actor, writer, director, and stand-up who has amassed over 50 million views for her female-driven content. Her series, '7p/10e' went on to inspire two CBS pilots, executive produced by the creators of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ She created and starred in a series for Maker (RIP), penned a script for Super Deluxe (RIP again), and plays Marie, a recurring guest star on FX's 'Cake.' She lives with her dog, Luke

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Livia Treviño


Livia is a multi-hyphenate that uses her combined experience in public relations, social media, and design to create unique ways to help creatives tell their stories. Her experience spans across several industries, including entertainment, small business/entrepreneurs, local government, and education. Antisocial Distance is Livia’s first project as a producer. She lives in Austin with her cat, Ari.

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The Goodest Boys & Girls


Luke as Ralphie

Mango as Peanut

Disco as herself

Cat as herself

It as Cousin It

Thomas as himself

Betty White as herself

Frida as herself

Desi as herself

Charlie as himself

Bailey as herself

Holiday as herself

Boyfriend as himself

Rocket as himself

Mimi as herself

Ari as himself

Milo as himself